Story Lion

2-8 players | Ages 6 and up

Story Lion is a set of cards which can be used to play three games. All three games exercise story-telling by presenting the players with a combination of cards that can be sequenced to form full sentences in the past tense. The combinations can be serious, but more often than not they are quite ridiculous. Story Lion is a great card set for families and educators, especially with kids learning to read, learning English, or in need of sequencing practice.

The Cards

Story Lion consists of 101 cards. There are 13 purple time cards, 13 blue subject cards, 19 green verb cards, 27 yellow adjective cards and 29 red object cards.

The Games

Picky Panda

Picky Panda is a bit more involved than Cuttlefish, requiring players to choose combinations of cards. Ultimately, the winner is the person who best understands the other players and predicts the choices they might make.

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Cuttlefish is a faster game, where the combinations are random. It is mostly a game of luck, often resulting in a close call between two players before a winner is determined.

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Vote is similar to Picky Panda, however instead of a dictatorship, we find ourselves in a democracy. Each round, all players have a chance to play a card and vote for the best one.

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Where to buy

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